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SME and the SME Education Foundation’s Partnership Response In Manufacturing (PRIME®) initiative actively engages and builds a collaborative network between students, educators and industry to grow and train the next generation workforce while driving interest and awareness in manufacturing.

Established in 2011 with six schools, PRIME® has grown to 40 schools in 22 states. Since 2012, more than 140 PRIME® students have received nearly $400,000 in cumulative scholarships from the SME Education Foundation.

4 ways SME and PRIME® provide a winning solution for manufacturing companies and students

  1. Students and educators at PRIME® schools benefit from SME Membership’s resources and network. SME members—including manufacturing professionals, world-renowned researchers, educators and students—are not only looking to connect with peers and gain knowledge; but also share technical knowledge and experience by mentoring PRIME® students, offering internships and providing job-shadowing opportunities.

  2. PRIME® students have the opportunity to attend student summits at our national manufacturing events. These summits allow students, parents and educators to interact face-to-face with representatives of companies that provide revolutionary technologies and business-changing innovations.

  3. Designated PRIME® (Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education) schools have access to training materials and curriculum from Tooling U-SME, the industry leader in manufacturing training. Tooling U-SME works directly with more than half of all Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, and several hundred community colleges and high schools, to provide training and certifications in almost every area of manufacturing.

  4. PRIME® students and manufacturing professionals benefit from Advanced Manufacturing Media, which produces digital and print publications that provide relevant manufacturing news, technology and advances that improve their ability to make decisions in an intensely competitive global environment.