PRIME School Initiative Recognized with Two Industry Awards - Educational partnership program acknowledged by Great Lakes Manufacturing Council and the Manufacturing Leadership Awards  

The health and vitality of U.S. manufacturing depends on the strength and talent of its workforce. The mission of SME Education Foundation is to inspire, prepare and support the next generation of manufacturers to ensure a brighter future for all of us – but we cannot do it alone.

Introducing PRIME (Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education)
The PRIME model is a call to action designed to create strong partnerships between organizations, businesses, and exemplary schools to provide a comprehensive community-based approach to manufacturing education. These are the kids who will power the future, they deserve our support.

Partner with us and be part of the solution.

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What is a PRIME school?
PRIME was created to provide additional support and resources for schools with the following attributes:

  • An exemplary manufacturing curriculum that has been in place three years or more and includes a comprehensive program with both academic and hands on fabrication instruction
  • Skilled and energetic instructors
  • Engaged and active students
  • Strong administrative support 
  • Support from the local manufacturing community
  • Students are have access to company tours, job shadows, mentorships, and connections to the manufacturing community
  • Opportunity for access to local community college or university manufacturing/engineering postsecondary programs

Why should I support PRIME?
Engineer, technician, business owner, corporate executive, or simply concerned citizen; whatever your role, you have a stake in the quality of our future workforce. Your support for PRIME, whether financial, or through in-kind contributions, will allow you to have a direct impact in your community.

  • Help change the public’s outdated perceptions of manufacturing 
  • Provide relevance to in-class curriculum through “real-world connections” for both instructors and students
  • Influence a program that will benefit local schools, ensuring a pipeline of more qualified employees for your company

How does a school benefit from PRIME?
To ensure the success of each PRIME school, the SME Education Foundation provides the following assistance:

  • Funding to update equipment, software and/or professional development for staff
  • Funding to host a STEM-focused youth camp
  • Scholarship opportunities for students 
  • Connections within the local manufacturing community to encourage opportunities for mentorships, facility tours and job shadows
  • Access to for student projects additional staff resources and networking with other PRIME sites
  • Promotion of school’s participation in PRIME to local and industry media 
  • Recognition on and social media
  • PRIME school banner for visual community recognition

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