Celebrating the Achievements of Our Future Engineers

SME Education Foundation nominee, Bryce Davis, manufacturing engineering student at Texas State University--San Marcos, has been selected as a College Edition winner by the National Engineers Week Foundation.

DEARBORN, Mich., (April 8, 2013) — Bryce Davis, a fourth year manufacturing engineering student at Texas State University-San Marcos, who was previously announced as a nominee, has been named one of the New Faces of Engineering College Edition winners by the National Engineers Week Foundation (NEWF). Bryce is one of 15 promising engineering students recognized by NEWF’s New Faces of Engineering program. He will graduate in 2013 thanks in part to scholarship funding provided by the SME Education Foundation (SME-EF).

The National Engineers Week Foundation made an official announcement of the winners on
April 2. Visit: www.facebook.com/CollegeEdition.

Understanding what it takes to attract talented young men and women to careers in advanced manufacturing engineering means taking a vested interest in their education along the way. Young people that pursue degree programs in this field need to be inspired, prepared and supported throughout their journey to increase their chances of successfully completing the program. One way to help encourage students is by recognizing their potential and honoring their commitment and achievements.

Inspired by the potential that engineering has to enact change in the world, Bryce says, “I don't need to know everything about disaster relief, but I can leverage knowledge of supply chain management to get supplies where they're needed.  You don't need to know everything about friction, torque, and surface area.  You can use my engineering knowledge to turn your idea for a rooftop wind turbine into a mass-produced, modular product easily deployed anywhere the wind blows.  Engineering opens up a world of possibilities, and it turns dreams into realities.”

The SME Education Foundation supports major advanced manufacturing initiatives including those outlined in the National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing issued by the Office of the President. Two important objectives outlined in the study are integral to the Foundation’s PRIME (Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education) program: (1) to expand the number of workers who have the skills needed for a growing advanced manufactur­ing sector and make the education and training system more responsive to the demand for skills, and (2) to create and support national and regional public-private, government-industry-academic partnerships to accelerate investment in and deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies.

About National Engineers Week:
The National Engineers Week Foundation, a formal coalition of more than 100 professional societies, major corporations and government agencies, is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers among young students and by promoting pre-college literacy in math and science. For more information, visit www.eweek.org.  Information about the New Faces of Engineering College Edition can be found at https://www.facebook.com/CollegeEdition.

About SME Education Foundation:                                                                                                        
The SME Education Foundation is committed to inspiring, preparing and supporting the next generation of manufacturing engineers and technologists with advanced manufacturing education. Created by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 1979, the SME Education Foundation has provided more than $33 million since 1980 in grants, scholarships and awards through its partnerships with corporations, organizations, foundations and individual donors. Visit the SME Education Foundation at www.smeef.org. Also visit www.CareerMe.org for information on advanced manufacturing careers and www.ManufacturingisCool.com, our award-winning Web site for young people.

Media Contact: Bart A. Aslin, CEO, SME Education Foundation, (313) 425-3300, baslin@sme.org; Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mfgeducation

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