Two SME Education Foundation Board of Directors to Receive 2014 STEP Award

SME Education Foundation Board of Directors — Elizabeth Kautzmann and Sue Shimoyama will be recognized for their leadership and accomplishments in manufacturing at the 2014 STEP Awards Dinner Program to be held on Thursday, February 6 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C.

Kautzmann, currently serving her second term as an SME Education Foundation Director, is a Program Manager for Laser/Fabrication at FANUC America. She leads the identification and evaluation of strategic applications for emerging markets. Elizabeth brings this tenacity and deliberate message to each laser presentation she delivers to both K-6 students, and Jr-Sr High school students. She encourages them to redefine their relationship with failure, value differences and look everywhere for inspiration as well as to also inspire. Liz is the firstfemale to hold the position of Chair for the Fabricators and ManufacturersAssociation Laser Council that holds a state of the art laser conference each yearthat presents new technology and processes.

As the Vice President of Global Sales Operations at Rockwell Automation, Shimoyama created, developed and implemented a new organization within Rockwell Automation to address the growing business needs and market demands for improved decision making from greater business intelligence and a culture of process excellence. She began her career when men dominated most work places and most certainly dominated manufacturing. Early on, she learned that her collaboration, confidence and fearless attitude to take on complex projects would fundamentally boost her career. As did her personal commitment to attracting hard-working and competent people to work on her team. Sue is currently serving her fourth term as an SME Education Foundation Director.

The Manufacturing Institute will award 160 honorees with the Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Award. The honorees represent women in the manufacturing industry at all levels in their careers, from the factory-floor to the C-suite. The awards are part of the Manufacturing Institute’s larger STEP Ahead initiative and was founded last year to examine and promote the role of women in science, technology, engineering and production through recognition, research and best practices for attracting, advancing and retaining strong female talent.

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