We SUPPORT the new faces of Manufacturing by providing Scholarships

The 2018-2019 SME Education Foundation Scholarship application is now CLOSED.

SME Education Foundation programs have encouraged more than 40,000 students to study STEM, with a focus on technology. View our complete accomplishments.

The Foundation’s scholarships offer students a powerful reason to choose a manufacturing focused education. The generosity of our many corporate partners has enabled us to provide millions in scholarships attracting thousands of new students to manufacturing every year.

Our scholarships are awarded annually, so students can re-apply every year. Scholarships range from $1000 - $6000 and can be used for tuition, books or lab/course fees related to attaining a technical or engineering education. Eligible students include high school seniors, undergraduates, graduate students pursuing degrees in advanced manufacturing and related fields at two- and four-year colleges.

In addition, the SME Education Foundation annually offers substantial scholarships to students with at least one parent or grandparent who has been an SME member in good standing for the last two years. The Family Scholarships include one (1) award in an amount of $40,000 and three (3) scholarships of $20,000 each, all payable over four years.

In order to apply for scholarships, students must first register with the SME Education Foundation. The application process is open from November to February. Registered students are notified via email when application opens in November.