Robert L. Vaughn Endowment


  • Awards from this Fund are intended to support the advancement of manufacturing related education at Iowa State University of Science & Technology, Ames, Iowa.
  • Faculty may apply annually to the SME Education Foundation for awards in any of the following areas: As a scholarship or fellowship to a graduating high school senior, or current university student pursuing a degree in a manufacturing related discipline, or closely related field of study. 
  • If a scholarship or fellowship is awarded, the funds will be paid to the institution in the form of a credit account to pay for tuition, books, or housing. 
  • As a grant for "Student Outreach" programs to attract more students into careers in manufcturing and engineering.
  • Programs such as summer camps, industry tours and mentoring programs are eligible.
  • As a grant to support the purchase of manufacturing related equipment. Such equipment must have a retail value of at least $500 per item.
  • A grant to help develop new curriculum which improves manufacturing related education at Iowa State University.
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