Success Stories

As with any organization, we measure our success in many ways. But there's no more powerful gauge for measuring the success of the SME Education Foundation's mission than to examine the accomplishments of our scholarship recipeints, accomplishments that illustrate the positive difference that involment with the SME Educaton Foundation can have on a life.

Below you'll find short synopses of many of these "success stories". There are students here from a variety of backgrounds with varied interests, but one thing binds them together: the positive, often life-changing effect that we've had — and continue to have — on their lives. Click on the "more" link in each piece to be taken to the full article.

Dan Blue   Dan Blue has been on a journey. In 2001, the SME Education Foundation scholarship  recipient moved from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Port Huron – a Michigan city 65 miles outside of Detroit. He settled in, worked odd jobs but never seemed to find his niche.

  In the summer of 2011, Dan found work at a Port Huron recording studio. Although the salary was acceptable, the work environment was not ideal: he wanted a change for himself and his soon-to-be newborn son. “The lifestyle (in a recording studio) is a little wild and I had to get out of there. I needed a change and wondered what I was going to do,” says Dan. He couldn’t go back to college because he wasn’t able to get financial aid. Read More.



Dallas E. Manning dreamed of a better future. With his strong determination and the help of the Gene Haas Foundation/Focus: HOPE/SME Education Foundation Scholarship, those dreams have become a reality.

As a young man, Dallas found himself employed in a low tech factory environment with little or no opportunity for advancement. “I had hit a glass ceiling,” said Dallas. “I had to do better for myself and for my family. I had responsibilities and I had to try for a better future.” Dallas began on a path for an engineering program through Focus: HOPE. More

In her sophomore year, Alysha Budge had a 1.2 GPA. That was before she discovered her passion for designing and building, thanks to the School of Manufacturing and Engineering at PRIME school Hawthorne High.

"Throughout high school I wondered if I would ever make it out of an area where there is no money, gang violence is high, drugs are common and no one believes that any of us will make it past high school." More