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SME Education Foundation Makes Efforts to Increase Diversity Among Manufacturing Talent

Diversity in Action magazine featured the SME Education Foundation’s efforts to reach more students from underrepresented groups and provide them with opportunities to pursue careers in the manufacturing industry. One way that the Foundation influences more diverse students to consider manufacturing as a career choice is through scholarships.
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Our Work In Action

student summits

We Inspire

The SME Education Foundation inspires the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent through the Student Summit event series at SME conferences and trade shows across the country, delivering student-centric programming, hands-on challenges and competitions, technology demonstrations, and guided show floor tours.
Prepare - SME PRIME

We Prepare

The SME Education Foundation prepares manufacturing and engineering talent through the SME PRIME initiative by partnering with industry to inform and provide modern equipment, tailored curriculum, and hands-on training to high schools across the country.

We Support

The SME Education Foundation supports next-generation manufacturing and engineering talent by annually awarding millions of dollars in scholarships to high school seniors, undergraduates and graduate students pursuing two-year, four-year and advanced degrees in manufacturing or engineering.

PRIME Highlights

SME PRIME directly addresses manufacturing and engineering talent shortages by working with industry to develop tailored curriculum, procure equipment and provide hands-on training in high schools across the country. Learn more in our featured articles showcasing SME PRIME schools and the support they receive from local manufacturing investors.