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Manufacturers Engineers See Opportunities with Automation Technology

Author: Rob Luce, Vice President, SME Education Foundation

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to transform the nature of manufacturing and engineering work. While low-skill, lower-wage jobs could be phased out, newer technologies will create new high-skill, higher-wage jobs.

PRIME Highlight

Romeo High School: Partnerships and Progress

Romeo High School students gain practical experience, knowledge and skills using modern technology and equipment through SME PRIME and its partners Ford Motor Company Fund and Ford Next Generation Learning.


SME Scholarship Paves Way for Successful Manufacturing Careers

Greg Smith earned the 2019 SME Directors Scholarship based on accomplishments that included decades of welding experience and a solid skill set build around his passion for engineering. Today, Greg is on pace for graduating from Utah’s Weber State University in December 2019 and beginning his career at the Ogden, Utah division of Barnes Aerospace as a Special Process Engineer.

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Industry Leader Honda Partners to Prepare

Author: SME Education Foundation

An SME PRIME school investor, the Honda of America Manufacturing operation in Anna, Ohio (producing engines since 1985), works with nearby Anna High School in a partnership forged through the SME Education Foundation.

PRIME Highlight

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan: Driving Regional Opportunity

Author: SME Education Foundation

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has been instrumental in the SME PRIME schools’ program in two Southeast Michigan communities. Since its inception in 1984, the Foundation has distributed more than $1 billion through more than 67,000 grants to nonprofit organizations.