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Blog Post

SME PRIME: Developing Workforce Skills for Industry 4.0

Author: Rob Luce, Vice President, SME Education Foundation

Industry 4.0 ushered in new technologies, new products and new ways of working. It's imperative that high schools keep pace with the skills they teach students to prepare them for the manufacturing workforce. SME PRIME schools give manufacturing students a head start, as they inspire them to use and test the skills they learn in the classroom during regular class projects as well as occasional special assignments.

Student Summits

WESTEC 2019: Students Win Manufacturing Competition with Teamwork and Collaboration

The 2019 WESTEC Student Summit Racing Challenge winning team from Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science in Long Beach, California used important skills like teamwork and collaboration that they acquired from their classroom training to blow away the manufacturing competition and secure the victory.

Blog Post

Manufacturing Day: Why it's important

Author: Rob Luce, Vice President, SME Education Foundation

Manufacturers, communities, educators, students and parents can all benefit from participating in Manufacturing Day: Last year, more than 80% of students said they became more convinced that manufacturing provides interesting and rewarding careers after attending these events.

PRIME Highlight

Manufacturing and Mature Economies: A Model for Workforce Solutions

The SME Education Foundation's case study titled “Manufacturing and Mature Economies: A Model for Workforce Solutions” by Rob Luce, Vice President of the SME Education Foundation, was recently included within the 2019 World Manufacturing Forum Report series.