Working With Educators to Establish PRIME Schools

PRIME’s success in inspiring and preparing high school students for skilled careers in manufacturing is the result of its consultative model of engaging with local manufacturers to provide insights into the training and development requirements for their current and future workforce.

Determining whether a high school becomes part of the PRIME® network is an extensive process that begins with securing financial support from either a single manufacturer, a consortium of companies, or local foundations to fund the implementation of the school’s manufacturing education program. The SME Education Foundation then works with schools to determine the appropriate technological and curricula offerings, equipment and staff development needed to establish a center of excellence in manufacturing education. 

Benefits of being a PRIME designated high school:

  • Funding from local/regional manufacturing partners to update equipment, software, curricula and professional development for staff
  • Connections within the local manufacturing community to encourage opportunities for mentorships, facility tours, job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships
  • Students enrolled in the program are eligible for PRIME scholarships supporting post-secondary degrees in fields related to manufacturing engineering and manufacturing technologies
  • Complimentary SME memberships for PRIME educators and students
  • Assistance with strategic planning and development of career pathways to ensure sustainability and growth of manufacturing education programs
  • Connectivity into a national network of partners to leverage best practices, state-of-the-art training and the latest industry trends

To learn more about how we collaborate with education and local manufacturers to establish PRIME high school sites, contact Josh Cramer at