Joshua Cukier

When Joshua was four years old, he watched his father fix a toy fire truck that his brother had broken. Joshua was fascinated by how his dad restored the siren and flashing lights after prying open the toy to reconnect wiring. As Joshua explains, his dad didn’t fix the truck just because he wanted his son to stop crying. He wanted to know how the fire truck worked, so he looked inside, poked and prodded until he figured out how to get it back in working condition.

That experience, and many subsequent experiences, persuaded Joshua to pursue an engineering career. “Engineers have minds that crave constant enrichment and growth, and they rarely give up and settle into a life of monotony,” says Joshua. “This is why I want to pursue a degree in engineering, where I can study the intricacies of innovative manufacturing processes such as collaborative robotics, additive manufacturing and machine health monitoring.”

In high school, Joshua formed the Underground Calculus Club and joined his school’s first robotics team, The Average Joes. He was a key member of the robotics build team, running the repair pit crew during competitions.

In addition to focusing on his college prep studies, Joshua has given back. As president of the local chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS), he assisted in the growth of an academic mentoring program that he helped create with his NHS advisor. Through this mentorship program, NHS members provide tutoring to upper-class students who lack the necessary credits to graduate. For one or two hours a day during school, struggling students can recover credits through online programs instead of repeating classes that they failed. This is paving the way toward a 100 percent graduation rate at the high school.

Joshua will be attending the University of Michigan as a mechanical engineering student, and plans to expand his global perspectives by studying abroad. He spent the summer of 2016 working as a manufacturing engineering intern in the chassis division of Bosch.