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Guided Show-Floor Tours

Students that attend SME Education Foundation Student Summits at SME events see the high-tech nature of modern manufacturing and the latest technologies from leading manufacturing companies on display on the show-floor.

Student Summit Highlights

Read highlights from the Student Summit Event Series at SME manufacturing and technology trade shows across the country.

Pontiac High School Implements New STEM Program Through Collaboration with Industry Partners

The Flagstar Bank Foundation has announced a significant contribution to the SME Education Foundation to implement an SME PRIME program at Pontiac High School. The Flagstar Foundation teamed up with the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan to support the initiative to bring manufacturing and engineering education and career opportunities to Pontiac High School students.

The SME PRIME Model: Building Opportunity

SME PRIME is now preparing for the future in a transformational way. The State of Michigan’s commitment to providing tailored curriculum that gives students hands-on training on modern, industry-standard equipment underscores the interest in and desire to strengthen the educational pursuits of young people.