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For Donors

PRIME donors receive a pool of skilled talent who have been trained – and often certified – to fill specific roles at their respective manufacturing companies, providing the investors with a direct return on their investment.

Guided Show-Floor Tours

Students that attend SME Education Foundation Student Summits at SME events see the high-tech nature of modern manufacturing and the latest technologies from leading manufacturing companies on display on the show-floor.

Keynote Speakers

Student Summits are hosted alongside SME Events, which are the one-stop-shop for everything about manufacturing. Learn about some of the industry experts who have spoken at past student summits, encouraging students to pursue careers in manufacturing.  

SME PRIME Alumni Questionnaire

This survey is for SME PRIME alumni. It's comprised of several brief questions that may ultimately help secure additional resources for deserving students who are considering a career in technical training.

Establish a Scholarship

The SME Education Foundation can administer your organization's scholarship or create your endowed individual scholarship. Learn how we help you support advanced manufacturing education through scholarships.