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Student Summits are hosted alongside SME Events, which are the one-stop-shop for everything about manufacturing. Learn about some of the industry experts who have spoken at past student summits, encouraging students to pursue careers in manufacturing.  

Jesse Roitenberg
Americas Education Manager


Jesse is a former math and science teacher who joined Stratasys and the additive manufacturing industry 16 years ago. He received a BA from the University of Minnesota and has held positions at Stratasys in Marketing, Channel Sales and is currently the Americas Education Manager. He has directed the educational program for the past 14 years and recently has in this role he guides the next generation products, materials and programs for Stratasys.



Sarah Rimini
Program Director of Radiology’s 3D Lab


Sarah is the Program Director of Radiology’s 3D Lab at Geisinger, a 14-hospital system spanning across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In her role, Sarah leads an elite group of MRI and CT technologists in the processing of on-screen medical reconstructions. Additionally, she segments, designs, and 3D prints patient-specific medical models to aid in pre-surgical planning, patient and learner education, surgical simulation, and surgical aid tools. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging and is currently enrolled in Pennsylvania State University’s Master of Engineering program in Additive Manufacturing and Design. She is also an active member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), SME’s medical workgroup, the American Society of Mechanical Engineering’s (ASME) 3D printing medical workgroup, and the Radiologic Society of North America’s (RSNA) 3D Printing Special Interest Group (SIG).


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