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Press Release

SME Education Foundation Seeks Industry Involvement for Unadilla Valley High School Initiative to Create STEM Opportunities for Students

Unadilla Valley Central Schools have partnered with the SME Education Foundation to make manufacturing and engineering education and career opportunities available for students of Unadilla Valley High School in New Berlin, New York, via the Foundation’s Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education (PRIME) schools initiative.

SME PRIME schools directly address the manufacturing and engineering talent shortage by partnering with industry to provide modern equipment, tailored curriculum and hands-on training to high schools across the country. SME PRIME students learn about manufacturing and engineering technology and processes through an industry-informed curriculum tailored to meet the needs of local industry.

“This initiative will provide an important school-to-work pathway for our students,” said Robert Mackey, superintendent of Unadilla Valley Central School District. “A carefully designed curriculum and advanced, current equipment give our students a unique opportunity to explore futures in manufacturing, engineering and STEM careers.”

Local manufacturers develop and access a pool of skilled local talent who have been trained — and often certified — to fill specific roles at their respective companies, providing a direct community benefit.

“SME PRIME schools are central to our commitment to inspiring, preparing and supporting young people,” said Rob Luce, SME Education Foundation vice president. “Our partnership with Unadilla Valley High School needs support and engagement of business leaders to bring it to fruition — we’re proud to welcome these committed educators to our national team.”

Since 2011, SME PRIME schools have been initiated in 60 communities across 22 states, creating opportunities for more than 100,000 students. In 2019 alone, the SME Education Foundation partnered with 12 new schools to create custom programs through partnerships with private industry.

Unadilla Valley is a rural district with about 800 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 housed in one building completed in 2002. The district was established as a result of a merger between the former New Berlin and South New Berlin Central Schools in 1996.

Interested industry partners can become involved and learn more by calling the Foundation at (313) 319-4794.