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Scholarship Application Tips

SME Education Foundation accepts scholarship applications for students pursuing post-secondary degrees in an engineering discipline related to manufacturing or a technology field of study related to manufacturing.

As you prepare for the submission process, consider the following tips when completing your application:

Apply Early

Be aware of and be sure to stay on top of all deadlines and submit your application early! Don’t procrastinate: you might miss important details and forfeit a rewarding opportunity.

Read Eligibility Requirements Carefully

Carefully read the eligibility requirements to make sure you enter the correct information on your application. If you are not sure whether you fit into a particular category or don’t know whether your major is eligible for the SME Education Foundation scholarship, please refer to the Qualifying Majors.

Follow Instructions

Take time to read instructions carefully, follow the guidelines, and answer questions correctly. You will have a better chance of being considered for a scholarship if you follow the instructions outlined on the application.

Provide Detailed Resume 

Your resume should be a brief summary of your education, extra-curricular activities, and accomplishments. An effective resume includes the most important highlights of your background and should not be longer than one page. If you have little or no prior work experience and are not sure what information to include the following resources can help you build a good resume.

Include Supporting Materials

  • Reference Letters – ask individuals who can attest to your qualifications to write a reference letter on your behalf. References from STEM instructors are looked upon favorably. Be sure to get their email addresses (non-school email address such as a Gmail accounts are preferred).
  • Transcripts – contact your high school or college for your most recent transcript and include the transcripts with your application. Make this request as soon as possible, because it will take for the school to process your request.
  • Student Statement – include details about why you chose your major; your education and career objectives, and how this scholarship will help you achieve your objectives.

Full Details Matter

Don’t forget to include complete details on your application: these greatly impact whether you will be selected to receive an SME Education Foundation scholarship. Provide as much detail as possible, so the judging committee has all of the information they need to thoroughly evaluate your application.

Review Before You Submit

Check the following prior to hitting the submit button:

  • Complete all sections of the application.
  • Check your application for spelling or grammatical errors and correct them.

SME Education Foundation scholarships applications are accepted from Nov. 1 – Feb. 1 every year, and awardees are announced in the spring. Please click below to register and fill out the application.

It's Never too Early to Register to Apply

The SME Education Foundation scholarship application opens on November 1, but if you register now you'll be notified when the application opens. Please click below to register and begin the application process!

Scholarship Help

Need help or have a question about scholarships? Please reach out using our form and someone will be glad to assist you.