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SME PRIME School and Investor Highlights

SME PRIME directly addresses manufacturing and engineering talent shortages by working with industry to develop tailored curriculum, procure equipment and provide hands-on training in high schools across the country. Read highlights below that showcase SME PRIME schools and the support they receive from local manufacturing investors.

PRIME Highlights

The Four Cities Compact: Schools Collaborate to Provide Opportunity – Part 1

The SME PRIME schools (Barberton High School, Copley High School, Norton High School and Wadsworth High School) provide high school students with access to relevant curricula, modern equipment and qualified, engaged instructors to inspire and prepare them for pursuit of career opportunities within manufacturing.

Fraser High School: Fraser, Michigan

Students at Fraser High School in Macomb County, Michigan gain hands-on manufacturing experience training with modern equipment and learn about technologies, and processes with tailored curriculum informed by a collaboration of engaged manufacturers, involved community partners and the SME Education Foundation.