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PRIME Success Stories

SME Education Foundation Displays Manufacturing Education Program at Hancock High School

Originally Posted on the ABC 10 News Website on October 21st, 2022 

Students across the state have new opportunities to learn some very important, and applicable skills for careers, in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing. The SME Education Foundation is putting 6 million dollars of state funds into schools across the state to build a pool of young, motivated, and knowledgeable workers for emerging manufacturers in Michigan. Hancock Public Schools students have already begun learning things such as precision measuring, OSHA certification, and robotics. 

“We also use a program that’s online called, ToolU. Where they get other certifications, anything from additive manufacturing, to abrasives, to machining. OSHA even. They were all excited because they passed a lot of those certifications. And for robotics. Right now they are learning about manipulators, and intake mechanisms. They’re designing a robot that will compete in one-on-one soccer matches. So they’re also learning about coding. – Kristian Coleman, Hancock HS PRIME Educator.

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Preparing The Next Manufacturing Workforce

SME PRIME directly enhances manufacturing and engineering talent by forming partnerships with industry that inform and provide modern equipment, a tailored curriculum and hands-on training for high school students across the country.