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Curriculum and Certification

SME PRIME curriculum is the foundation of the program, serving as a strategic roadmap for teachers to execute in-classroom instruction. SME PRIME curriculum supports project-based learning that complements classroom equipment and provides 180 hours of instruction annually, for multiple years.

SME PRIME curriculum plans are tailored to meet local industry needs and aligned with state educational standards and federal Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes to enable seamless integration into career and technical education programming.

Tooling U-SME is the primary provider of SME PRIME curriculum. Tooling U-SME is the manufacturing industry’s leading workforce development solution provider. Delivering versatile, competency-based learning and development solutions to the manufacturing community, Tooling U-SME works with thousands of companies, including more than half of all Fortune 500® manufacturers, plus 1,000 educational and workforce institutions across North America.

In addition to Tooling U-SME, additional curriculum providers are also included in the overall SME PRIME curriculum plan.

Most importantly, SME PRIME curriculum is aligned with more than 40 industry-recognized certifications (IRCs), positioning students to obtain credentials of value to manufacturers in their communities.