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Schools receive equipment, curriculum, scholarships and more that are informed by local manufacturers.

Developing Manufacturing and Engineering Talent

SME PRIME training and curriculum for students and teachers are informed by local manufacturers in each community. PRIME Students receive hands-on training on modern equipment and learn about technology and processes through a tailored curriculum. PRIME teachers receive professional development and certifications that equip them to train and certify students. All deliverables are free to the school and provided by PRIME donations.

PRIME Core Pathways

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Additive Manufacturing

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Metrology & Quality

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Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing


PRIME Elective Pathways

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Industrial Maintenance

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Machining & Fabrication

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Mechatronics & Robotics

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Program Offerings

SME PRIME’s cost-effective and tailored program is free to schools and informed by PRIME donors.

Explore the PRIME Network

SME PRIME's growing network reaches nearly 100 communities in dozens of states across the country: There's a good chance there's one in your area. See where all of our schools are located and how your school can become involved.
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Become a PRIME School

Interested in becoming a PRIME school? Fill out our form and someone will contact you to explain more about how you can bring PRIME to your area.