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Sometimes industries and schools don’t speak the same language, but SME PRIME has built a team that can translate, with great liaisons between schools and industry.”
– High School Educator

Program Offerings

Directly Enhancing Manufacturing and Engineering Talent Across the Country

SME PRIME® (Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education) is the signature program of the SME Education Foundation. Founded in 2011, SME PRIME partners private industry with academia to build custom manufacturing and engineering programs in high schools across the country — providing equipment, curriculum, teacher training and student scholarships along with funding for manufacturing-related extracurricular activities and program sustainability.

SME PRIME is the most comprehensive manufacturing and engineering program for high school students in the country.

What makes us different? 

  • SME PRIME is provided at no cost to high schools
  • Curriculum is tailored to meet local manufacturers’ needs and aligned with state educational standards
  • Foundation staff coordinate program development and alleviate administrative burdens
  • Ongoing financial support provided to sustain program longevity



Schools in 23 states


Students served annually


Of PRIME seniors choose manufacturing/ engineering post-grad.

Preparing the Next Generation Workforce

Two million manufacturing jobs need to be filled by 2030. SME PRIME is the response to this challenge.

Program Offerings

All PRIME deliverables are free to the schools allowing for hands-on training in high schools across the country, supplemented with a tailored curriculum and influenced by local manufacturers in their communities.

Recent PRIME Stories

Georgia High Schools Benefit From Implementation of SME PRIME

Manufacturing and engineering students at Georgia’s Bryan County High School (BCHS) and Monroe High School (MHS) are reaping the benefits of new, advanced manufacturing technology and training opportunities that have been provided by the SME Education Foundation’s SME PRIME® (Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education) initiative since the Georgia Department of Education partnered with the Foundation in early 2023.


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Recent PRIME Announcements

Read Annual Report

2023 was a record year for the SME Education Foundation as Bright Minds Student Summits, SME PRIME, and the Scholarship program delivered impressive results.