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Scholarship Donors

Join us as we shape the face of manufacturing’s next generation.

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Scholarships Change Lives

Your support of the SME Education Foundation scholarship program will enable us to award millions of dollars in scholarships annually to undergraduate and graduate students pursing two-year, four-year and advanced degrees in manufacturing or engineering. SME Education Foundation has been administering and awarding scholarships for more than 40 years and we continue to evolve to meet the needs of students and our industry. Our objective is to ensure race and gender parity by providing increased opportunities for underrepresented students through our new dedicated DEI and need-based scholarship programs.

We invite you to join us on our mission to support the next generation of manufacturing talent to ensure our industry continues to grow and thrive.

You can contribute today or please reach out about establishing your own scholarship by contacting Christian Jensen, Director of Institutional Giving,, (313) 425-3227

Corporate Donors

Thank you to our corporate donors for establishing SME Education Foundation scholarships.

Individual Donors Estate Donors Chapter Donors

Individual Scholarship Donors

Arthur and Gladys Cervenka
Margo and Marcus B. Crotts, FSME, CMfgE
Connie and Robert Gunter, LSME
Clinton J. Helton, CMfgE, PE
M. Eugene Merchant Family and Friends
Clarence and Josephine Myers
Kenneth C. Novak, LSME
Sally Novek and Family
Edward S. Roth, FSME, CMfgE, PE
Alvin and June Sabroff
Richard Sarns
George Schneider Jr., CMfgE
Linda and Cecil Schneider, FSME, LSME, PE
Ingeborg and George Schneider Jr., CMfgE
Family and Friends of Donald Smith
Robert L. Vaughn, CMfgE
Myrtle and Earl Walker
Marie Weisel, Family and Friends
Carol Wischmeyer

Scholarship Donors from Estates

Estate of Marcus and Margo Crotts
Estate of Wayne Ewing
Estate of Lucile B. Kaufman
Estate of E. Wayne & Beulah Kay
Estate of Guiliano Mazzetti
Estate of Jerome & Raidelle Newman
Estate of Allen Weber

SME Chapter Scholarship Donors

SME Chapter 1 - Detroit Founding Chapter
SME Chapter 4 - Milwaukee
SME Chapter 6 - Fairfield County
SME Chapter 7 - Hartford
SME Chapter 17 - St. Louis
SME Chapter 21 - Cincinnati
SME Chapter 23 - Quad Cities
SME Chapter 31 - Peoria
SME Chapter 39 - Seattle
SME Chapter 52 - Wichita
SME Chapter 56 - Fort Wayne
SME Chapter 57 - Kansas City (MO)
SME Chapter 63 - Portland, Family and Friends
SME Chapter 67 - Phoenix
SME Chapter 69 - Oakland/Macomb, Friends and Family
SME Chapter 77 - Denver
SME Chapter 79 - Ann Arbor
SME Chapter 93 - Albuquerque
SME Chapter 105 - Memphis
SME Chapter 116 - Kalamazoo
SME Chapter 198 - Downriver
SME Chapter 260 - Silicon Forest
SME Chapter 311 - Tri Cities
North Central (Region 9)
Desert Pacific Region 12


Need-based Renewable Scholarships

New Need-based Renewable Scholarships

Learn about new opportunities, up to $20,000, for eligible graduating high school seniors, pursuing both four- and two-year degrees.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Women and minorities are underrepresented in the manufacturing industry. We can change that. Scholarships are available.