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Hands-on Competitions

The Hands-On Competition is the cornerstone of Student Summit programming. 

Produced by SME Education Foundation partner, Ten80 Education, the competition engages students in three different disciplines: Design, Fabrication and Prototype, and Testing. 

Students are arranged into five-person teams and cycle through three 20-minute stations, earning points along the way.  Each station is manned by SME staff, who instruct the students and score their performance. The team that accumulates the most points wins the competition, and each member of that team is awarded a prize.


Autonomous Vehicle Competition


Students work as a team to tackle several challenges related to the design and optimization of an autonomous vehicle (AV). These challenges are all completed at their team table. At the end of the allotted time, team members present their work to judges. The organization of judging will depend on timing and number of judges.

The AV will be driven along an 8-foot marked lane on the ground beside a team’s table.

Teams will be challenged to:

  • Mechanically complete the assembly of the AV.
  • Complete the electrical wiring of the microcontroller using a wiring diagram.
  • In SolidWorks 3D CAD software, design a sensor bracket (follow instructions then earn bonus points by modifying it).
  • Sketch and present a custom design feature/accessory for the vehicle.
  • Detailed criteria and constraints will be provided.
  • Brand the AV and team.
  • Follow an SOP (standard operation procedure) to test AV performance in a task.

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