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Press Release

SME Education Foundation to Make Online Education Opportunities Available to High School Students with Investment from Arconic Foundation

Arconic Foundation has announced a $25,000 investment toward the SME Education Foundation’s effort to ensure that distance-learning opportunities become available for thousands of career and technical education students across the country.

The SME Education Foundation is the philanthropic arm of SME, an internationally recognized nonprofit organization serving the manufacturing industry. A 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation helps attract and develop a skilled manufacturing workforce. The Foundation is teaming with Tooling U-SME through a unique COVID-19 Campaign to provide online learning opportunities to high school students in 12 manufacturing disciplines, including additive manufacturing, mechatronics and smart manufacturing.

Tooling U-SME works directly with the manufacturing community and hundreds of high schools, community and technical colleges and universities to prepare the next-generation workforce by providing industry-driven and learner-centered curriculum. Online learning is a significant component of this effort, and particularly relevant and useful during the closure of schools across the country.

“We have undertaken this campaign to help thousands of high school students have access to premium-quality online career and technical education opportunities,” said Rob Luce, SME Education Foundation vice president. “Tooling U-SME is a valuable partner and industry leader in workforce development, and we’re grateful for Arconic Foundation’s generous investment and leadership in this initiative.”

Arconic Foundation is a significant supporter of SME Education Foundation programs, including the SME PRIME schools initiative that has, since 2011, brought manufacturing education facilities and curricula to nearly 100,000 students in 60 schools across the country. Arconic Foundation is also a key supporter of the SME Education Foundation’s Student Summits effort that brought thousands of high school students to industry events and competitions in 2019.

Learn more about the SME Education Foundation and its COVID-19 Campaign at