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Who We Are

The SME Education Foundation works to inspire, prepare and support an advanced manufacturing workforce through education. Through building awareness of opportunity, enhancing academic opportunity and directly helping students at every level, the SME Education Foundation works to offer students a path to explore, learn and grow in fields associated with manufacturing.


Learn how the SME Education Foundation advances manufacturing education through our Student Summit event series, SME PRIME initiative and Student Scholarship program.

SME PRIME: Developing Workforce Skills for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 ushered in new technologies, new products and new ways of working. It's imperative that high schools keep pace with the skills they teach students to prepare them for the manufacturing workforce. SME PRIME schools give manufacturing students a head start, as they inspire them to use and test the skills they learn in the classroom during regular class projects as well as occasional special assignments.

Manufacturing Careers: Unmasking the Misperceptions

Manufacturing is not dirty. Manufacturing is high-tech. Manufacturing pays wells and leads to prosperous careers. Manufacturing is thriving in the United States. How can we change misperceptions about manufacturing? We can counter each statement with facts.

SME Bright Minds Student Mentorship Program to Help Scholarship Recipients Navigate School, Student Life, Manufacturing Careers

SME, the nonprofit committed to accelerating new manufacturing technology adoption and building North America’s talent and capabilities, and its SME Education Foundation launched their new Bright Minds Student Mentorship Program this month, designed to help select Foundation scholarship recipients find qualified, approved mentors to help guide their manufacturing education and careers.