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Scholarship Qualifying Criteria

SME Member Exclusive Scholarships

The SME Education Foundation proudly offers two scholarships exclusively for SME Members – including their children and grandchildren – to support their pursuit of two-year, four-year or graduate degrees in manufacturing or engineering. 

SME Family Scholarship

The SME Family Scholarship supports children or grandchildren of SME members attending two-year, four-year or graduate schools with this exclusive scholarship to support their pursuit of careers in manufacturing and engineering.

  • Applicants must have at least one parent or grandparent who has been an SME member in good standing for the last two years -- includes step-mothers and step-fathers.
  • Applicants may be either graduating high school seniors or undergraduate students with up to 30 credit hours completed.
  • Applicants must pursue a degree in manufacturing engineering, manufacturing engineering technology, or a closely related engineering field of study at an accredited college or university the United States or Canada.
  • Applicants must enroll full-time at the college or university of his or her choice.
  • Applicants must have a high school GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Applicants must have a minimum SAT score of 1000 and/or ACT score of 21.
  • Applicants must reside within the United States or Canada. 

SME Directors Scholarship

The SME Directors Scholarship Fund supports college students at two-year, four-year or graduate schools that hold membership in an SME Professional or Student chapter with an exclusive scholarship.


  • Scholarship applicants must be full-time undergraduate students enrolled in a manufacturing degree or closely related field in the United States or Canada.
  • Preference will be given to students who demonstrate leadership skills in a community, academic, or professional environment.
  • Scholarship applicants must have completed a minimum of 30 college credit hours and be seeking a career in manufacturing.
  • Scholarship applicants must possess an overall minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Students must be a current member of an SME Professional or Student chapter.

Jump-Start Your Manufacturing Career with a Scholarship

The SME Education Foundation annually awards millions of dollars in scholarships year to students pursuing manufacturing careers. Scholarship applications are accepted from Nov. 1 – Feb 1. every year. Apply today!
“I am extremely grateful to the foundation for the opportunity to continue my education and earn my degree. Their support and generosity made a huge difference, and helps students realize how supportive the community can be and motivates students to strive for the best. Thank you for believing in me and helping me with my education.”
Constance, SME Education Foundation Scholarship Recipient